New Catering Provider – Foodhouse

August 24, 2021
For this new academic year, we have contracted Foodhouse, a new catering company to provide our catering services across both campuses.
Foodhouse is one of the leading catering providers for the hospital sector and international school sectors in Thailand. Foodhouse is a joint venture between PCS, the largest multi-facility service providers and S&P. It originated in the UK as part of the OCS group and currently provides catering services at over 350 locations in the UK and over 50 locations in Thailand.
Foodhouse will bring their extensive knowledge and experiences to provide outstanding catering provision to our students and staff, including investing approximately THB 1.7 million in kitchen and canteen improvements at both EY and WP, as well as providing a full-time nutritionist and site manager for both campuses. Foodhouse also gives a high level of attention to the quality control of kitchen food safety standards at every stage of food production, relying on the GMP Quality (Good Manufacturing Practice Certification), JCI, and HA. As well as this, they will run nutrition education events for our students to raise awareness and knowledge, as well as cultivating healthy eating habits in our students.