Primary ECAs Term 1 2018/19

August 31, 2018

We are delighted to share our ECA programme for Term 1 with you. We have a varied and inspiring range of ECAs on offer again and we hope your child will enjoy extending their learning through this programme. We are offering a breadth of opportunities across sport, academics, the arts and life skills. As Term 1 is a longer term we run a half-term programme of 7 weeks, and then the students will choose again. Please note there is no switching of ECAs in the 7 week programme.

As a reminder our programme works as follows:

Students attend three ECAs: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 14:30 – 15:30.

You have received an overview of the ECAs for Tuesday and Thursday. Please share this overview with your child(ren) and decide together which ECA options are of most interest. Please choose 4 choices for each day.

BIST will use these choices to build the ECA programme: those that complete the form early will have more chance of getting into their first choice.

Sign-up Procedure:

Sign-up opens on Thursday 30 August @ 19:00 online and will remain open until Saturday morning @ 10:00. Please use the Google Form here.

Please note that if your google default settings are in Thai this could default to Thai on your mobile phone. If this happens and you require English please use the web link above or change your google settings on your phone.

If you do not complete the form in the time given please do not worry: we will talk to your child in school and help them to find ECAs of interest to them following the sign-up time.

I hope you enjoy choosing your ECAs and we look forward to the ECAs beginning in the second week of Term 1. If you have any questions about the ECAs please email me at


Mrs Christine Armstrong

Primary Principal