Bromsgrove Primary – Love of Reading

June 15, 2018

Words of wisdom from our English language teachers in Primary:

As we get to the end of the term, students, parents, carers and for certain, teachers are ready for the summer holidays. This upcoming break is important to allow all those connected with Bromsgrove to reflect and recharge after a long, but highly successful year.


It is important that we rest so we all return ready to make 2018 – 2019 school year the best year ever at Bromsgrove. To help this happen it is important that we arrive back on the 27th August, having given ourselves the best possible start for the year.


One of the key things that we can all do over the summer to both relax and to prepare for next year is to READ. Read in English, read in Thai, read in Chinese, read in Korean, read in German, French, Spanish, Martian, or indeed any language we can. High-level research studies have consistently found that reading, even non-English texts, improve English learning in the classroom.


Whilst the benefits of reading are clearly seen across our school with the fantastic and ever improving levels of English at Bromsgrove, there are some further and surprising benefits beyond education. A study by Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston found that participants who read physical books, rather than using e-readers, phones or tablets before bed took less time to fall asleep, had better, deeper (REM) sleep and were far more alert in the morning. The cumulative effects of sleep deprivation on our physical and mental health is universally accepted, and reading is a good way to help our children get the sleep they need.


So be it on the beach, on the plane, in the hotel or relaxing at home – make reading a key part of your upcoming holiday.