Primary Music Programme Academic Year 2020/2021

March 2, 2020

As many parents know, as Headmaster I have always passionately believe that music is beneficial to all our learners and that learning to play a musical instrument helps a child’s brain develop. Learning to play an instrument whilst at school has now been scientifically proven by the University of Cambridge, UK to increase cognitive performance in examinations at college. I learnt to play both the piano and clarinet as a child whilst at school and it taught me the importance of focus and resilience.

In order to increase the opportunities to learn a musical instrument in Years 2-6, we will be launching a new Primary Music Programme for all students from August 2020. I am very excited by this new programme and I truly believe it will transform our music provision in our Primary years. The financial investment into this programme is significant and I am confident it will be money well spent as our music continues to flourish.

Please look at the Programme overview for more details of this exciting programme.

Primary Music Programme for Academic Year 2020/2021

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Dr Dan Moore

Headmaster & CEO