Primary Polio Points Day 2015

September 21, 2015

Hannah Bennett, our Primary Principal, writes: “I am very proud of the Primary school students this week. On Monday (WP) and Tuesday (EY) we had Polio Points Day, and it was fantastic to see the children engaging with a cause that helped their peers across the world. One of their favourite activities was a scavenger hunt around the school, where children had to work in teams using the Bromsgrove Learner Profile attributes to complete challenges and solve clues. d’Arcy Lunn was our guest speaker on the Windsor Park Campus. He inspired our children with his message that it is the little things you can do that can make a big change to the world around you. What a fantastic way to start the week – to leave school on a Monday afternoon knowing that you can change the world. My pride in our students continued to grow when on Thursday we heard the speeches from our candidates for Primary Head Girl and Head Boy. The Year 6s did a fantastic job speaking to the whole assembly, explaining why they would make a good leader. I look forward to starting the interview process next week. Although, therefore, my word of the week has definitely been pride, this was called momentarily into question when Mrs Gordon arrived in the Year 2 class on Tuesday morning with the results of their Science experiment. The Secondary Science department had helped the Year 2s do handprints in Agar gel. When we saw the amount of mould and bacteria growing in their dishes we all decided that, unlike the Twits, we really did need to wash our hands.