Primary Student Voice

November 23, 2016

Student voice in Primary have been very busy this term. Our Eco warriors have organised for recycling bins to be bought for the school, whilst the Learning committee have taken over library inductions for Primary students and have sought the views of the student body in preparation for their book buying trip on Thursday. The Wellbeing committee have been organising sports games and competitions at lunch time so every student has a place to go and make friends with children from other year groups. In addition, they have created an amazing Pokemon game that incorporates the children and staff all with their own powers. The student exec have coordinated our weekly assembly, prepared a talk for our open afternoon and listened to the opinions of their peers, getting a second table tennis table for the atrium. This came at the perfect time as our House captains are organising our annual House table tennis competition alongside our shoebox gift scheme for the children of Chameleon House. Finally, all of our student leaders from Year 5 and 6 are looking forward to meeting d’Arcy Lunn this Friday to share what they have done to change their world for the better.