School Update – End of Term 1 Academic Year 2018/19

March 1, 2019

Throughout this term we have been continuously upgrading our campuses and learning environments.

On the Early Years campus, we have installed the new flooring in the parent meeting room, upgraded the library, upgrade all display boards, repainted various areas on the campus and provided additional parking spaces for parents and visitors.  

On the Windsor Park campus, we have renovated and installed a state-of the-art flooring on the outdoor basketball court, repainted various areas on the campus, installed the new drinking water dispensers with filters, upgraded the alarm systems and improved the traffic flow and safety on campus. Also to improve the health of our school community, we arranged for the influenza vaccination to be provided students and staff, which resulted in a drop in illness across the campus this term.

We are very proud of the various celebrations and shows that we had this term, including Loy Kratong, Charity Fun Run, Taste of Music and the Christmas Assemblies and Fayre.   For health & safety; we arranged the influenza vaccination. The success of these wonderful events and activities in Term 1 would happen without the full support and the spirit of teamwork  from all stakeholders.

May God bless you this Christmas and I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Duenpen Pawakranond (Mint)
School Director