SEAMO 2017 Results

February 1, 2018

SEAMO is the Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad competition involving students from as far away as Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand and the USA.

Mathematical Olympiad competitions are popular among many top prestigious schools. At Bromsgrove we aim to identify and discover mathematical talents through creative challenges, we try to inspire and to embrace enthusiastic young minds to take part in and enjoy Mathematical competitions through extended learning opportunities.

SEAMO provided a resource for students of various levels to hone their problem-solving skills and to prepare for more challenging mathematical competitions. It proved to be a very challenging competition for all our students.

We had entries from both primary and secondary and are pleased to announce that all participates received a certificate with the winners receiving a winning certificate and a medal.

Across the various categories we had 5 bronze winners, 3 silver winners and 1 gold winner.

Gold: Si Young Choi – Thomas (Year 12).

Silver: Jihyun Jeon – Heather (Year 11), JunYoung Ko (Year 12), Chang Lee – Abraham (Year 12).

Bronze: Sirin Vivattanaprasert – Muk (Year 7), Bhuminan Chotichaicharin – Toya (Year 6), Jack Armstrong (Year 5), Mark Vinnikov (Year 4),Nick Park (year 12).

A special congratulations must go to Si Young Choi – Thomas who came 1st in Thailand (and 47th in the global ranking) in his age group, a marvelous achievement, I’m sure you will agree!

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