The Role of Boarding School Faculty in Student Success

June 27, 2023

It goes without saying that boarding school isn’t a regular school environment. Unlike ordinary educational institutions, boarding schools offer support for their students throughout all aspects of their lives. As well as being renowned for high academic achievement, students at boarding school learn to perfect skills in life management and excel in emotional growth. There is an abundance of ways in which faculty at boarding schools help their students develop. The faculty aren’t simply teachers; they are highly qualified and experienced educators, caregivers, support workers, and acting guardians who know exactly what every student needs to propel them towards excellence. Today, we are going to discuss the many ways that the faculty at a boarding school can help your child push forwards a future of absolute success.

Achieving academic excellence

First, let us look at what a boarding school can offer a child academically and why they are renowned for having a much higher quality of education than a regular school.
Being a private school, they can choose the best curriculum and add anything needed to increase a child’s success rate. Also, offering around-the-clock support for students allows enough time for concepts and ideas to be fully understood by students, so there is no need to cut any corners. Students will also benefit from additional regimented homework and revision time in the evenings, meaning everyone works at the same academic level.
In short, the faculty are highly qualified academics who can support a student throughout their school day and personal life. This is why boarding schools have a reputation for providing a world-class education. There is no other place that can offer students the same level of support that a boarding school can.

Promoting strong peer relationships

During a student’s time at boarding school, they will spend all their time with their peers. Whether studying, eating, playing, exercising or simply living, their time will naturally be spent together, helping to develop solid social-emotional skills unlike anywhere else.
The faculty at a boarding school know precisely how to utilise the students’ living situation to ensure they are heading towards the best possible outcomes. They will encourage plenty of team-building activities and know how to buddy children up with the best peers to help them thrive. Although students will experience independence and freedom at a boarding school, they will be closely monitored to make sure they are always heading in the right direction towards success. When students find the best social circles to suit them and are allowed enough time to study and play together, chances for success are optimised to the fullest.

Increasing chances of personal growth

Students who attend boarding school are renowned for excelling in their personal growth. Whether it is physical, academic, or emotional, the chance of success will be dramatically heightened compared to students in a standard educational setting.
Faculty can offer them all the support they need in every aspect of their lives. Homework club will help them manage time, get to know their peers, and help them understand the subjects they might be struggling with. In the evening, students can participate in sports, extracurricular activities, cooking, and other social and skilled activities. Boarding school faculty will also offer a twenty-four-hour support service for students who might be struggling, whether it is professional counselling, life advice, or just needing a place to relax and someone to talk to.
When students leave boarding school, they will have a tremendous advantage in general life skills, be socially and emotionally equipped to deal with university or work, have incredible confidence, and be academically excellent. They will have everything they need to succeed across all aspects of life.

Learning new skills through extracurricular activities

As boarding schools have more time, the faculty can run a multitude of ECAs, from performing arts to sports. These are valuable in the development and success of students as they will find fulfilment in learning skills that not only come in useful throughout life but provide immense social capabilities, teamwork opportunities, and endless enjoyment.
It is a crucial component of success in later life, and the benefits of these additional courses will help students shine in life beyond school. Extracurricular activities create a healthy work-life balance and dramatically enhance academic achievement.

Benefit from a smaller class size

Another tremendous benefit of boarding schools is that classrooms are kept to a size where every student will get the support and attention they need. No student is left behind at boarding school, and the staff are there to ensure they can achieve their dreams and always keep ahead of academics. Smaller classes are a proven way to promote achievement, confidence, and excellence.

Further reading

At Bromsgrove International School, we are proud to boast first-class boarding facilities. Throughout our twenty years of excellence, we have created a boarding environment encompassing every aspect of growth and development a child needs to succeed. The recent refurbishment of our Tudor and Windsor houses has been acknowledged by the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA), and we have received ‘Highly Commended’ at the BSA Awards 2023. This award recognises our efforts in providing boarders with an exceptional place to live, study, and play, along with addressing the design and sustainability of our refurbished houses.
If you would like to know more about why our boarding school students are more successful in the long run, feel free to talk to the incredibly experienced team at Bromsgrove International School or take a look at our boarding school facility in Thailand. We can’t wait to hear from you and work together towards a future of excellence.