The World Scholar’s Cup Dubai Global Round

June 27, 2013

Six of BIST?s gifted and talented pupils participated in the World Scholar?s Cup Global Round in Dubai on 20th to the 24th June 2013.

Ply Papawarin Pinij (Y9), Mica (Y9), Kimberly Chevadisaikul (Y9), Pun-Pun Chuchwalapong (Y7), Nick Park (y8), and Makito Sato (Y8), began the first day with a scavenger hunt in the largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall. The pupils worked in teams of 8 to complete various tasks set by the World Scholar?s Cup. They took photos and uploaded them onto a dedicated Facebook page as evidence. BIST pupils performed very well and made a huge number of new friends from all over the world.

The seconda day began with the team writing competition, followed by an individual examination of the arts, sciences, current affairs, history, geography, literature and music. The teams then debated three topics including whether Gangnam style should have been a global hit, whether mobile phones should be

allowed on airplanes, and whether a globalised society is a better society. In the team quiz pupils joined with 1600 other scholars to battle it out for points.

Kimberly Chevadisaikul (year 9) received a medal and an alpaca for being the Bromsgrove pupil with the most points overall.