Top 5 Benefits of Attending a Boarding School

July 20, 2023

When considering boarding school, feelings can easily be mixed. It is a tremendous step for both the children and guardians involved. You might ask yourself how being away from home is going to be better for your child. Well, boarding school can actually work wonders for a child’s development and success in later life. Today, we are going to focus on some of the major areas of growth that are dramatically enhanced in students who attend boarding school. We will also go into detail about what we think the five main benefits are for children who attend boarding school. We have seen an abundance of success at Bromsgrove International School, so if you are undecided about boarding school, maybe this can help.

1) Social Capabilities

One thing that everyone worries about concerning their children’s school life is how they are getting on socially. It is easy for children to be shy or lack confidence in social situations. Partly, this can be as simple as being unfamiliar with such a social environment. Children at boarding schools rarely struggle with this because they are surrounded by opportunities to socialise in so many ways that they will quickly excel in their social capabilities. Here are a few reasons why boarding school benefits a child’s social skills.

Making lifelong friends – Boarding schools allows children the opportunity to truly get to know each other. This means that the friends they make are far more likely to stick together and be with each other for life.
Building confidence – Because children will constantly be in a social environment, they become familiar with all kinds of social situations. This creates an incredible amount of confidence early on.
Team working skills – When students are at boarding school, they will learn how to work together much better. This is down to their living situation, extracurricular activities, playing sports, studying together, and going on field trips.
Exposure to different cultures – Children will be introduced to other children from entirely different backgrounds. This sort of exposure is excellent for familiarising children with foreign countries and cultures, creating a well-rounded individual.
Networking beyond school – A combination of all these factors not only means socialising in a friendly way but having the skills to network beyond school and stand a better chance of a successful future.

2) Mental and Physical health improvement

Boarding schools provide everything a child needs to improve both their mental and physical health. Contrary to common belief, children who attend boarding school will leave more grounded and emotionally ready for the real world than anybody else. On top of this, they will have the privilege of a number of healthy habits to take with them into adulthood.
Developing a structured life – This is something that even adults can struggle with. Boarding school students will be so familiar with a healthy lifestyle structure that anything else will seem obscure. This can have fantastic benefits on mental health, personal development, and motivation.
Having a varied and healthy diet – At boarding school, children are provided with a healthy and nutritious diet, with a variety of meals that they might not get at home. This will help with both physical and mental health and also help them develop their tastebuds.
Getting exercise – One of the biggest bonuses is the options for exercise and how it is incorporated into every student’s routine. Forming these habits in early life will increase the chances of living a healthy lifestyle beyond school.
Having a sense of belonging – The social network at a boarding school will give children a sense of belonging that they won’t get anywhere else. This is a great way to build self-worth and confidence.

3) Academic excellence

It is no surprise that students who attend boarding school are often much higher achievers and excel academically. This is partly because boarding schools are able to pick the best curriculum, but there are also many other factors why this might be.
Access to the best facilities – As a boarding school is funded differently than most schools, they are able to build a campus with the best facilities you can get. From science labs to performing art spaces, a boarding school will provide children with a chance to explore their subjects in detail.
Ample supervised study time – During the evenings, boarding schools will ensure a supervised time when students can do their homework and study. Having this daily study slot is a great way to increase their chances of success.
Additional educational opportunities – Children also have access to additional educational opportunities such as debate and maths clubs or even a chance to enter nationwide competitions in certain subjects, giving them an abundance of additional practice and revision.
Constant peer support – Students are constantly surrounded by their peers, meaning that they always have a support network around them. Sometimes, it can be difficult for children to approach their teachers if they are struggling, so having this network is a massive help.

4) Around-the-clock support

Even when students find themselves struggling at boarding school, they will have the privilege of twenty-four-hour professional support workers who know precisely what is needed for them to feel fantastic within no time. Here are some of the ways a child is supported at boarding school.
Guidance counsellors – Whenever a child is lacking direction or feeling down, trained guidance counsellors will be able to provide the support to figure out why they feel this way and improve it.
Student academic support – If a student is struggling academically, they will be provided with a member of the academic support team who can guide them through their studies at a pace that suits them. With the help of educational support, every student has the opportunity to excel.
Onsite nurses – Whenever an accident occurs or a child feels unwell, boarding schools provide around-the-clock nurses who can make sure they are well looked after. Having onsite nurses means a child can receive medical attention much quicker than at home.

5) It is way more fun

Of course, as adults, we know that all of the above is significantly important in terms of a child’s growth and development. However, they might not always see it this way. One thing they will notice, though, is that a boarding school can be way more fun than a regular school. Once a child experiences the fun to be had at boarding school, they never want to go to an ordinary school again.
Some of the fun to be had involves regular weekend excursions, extracurricular activities, having more independence, and always getting to hang out with friends. When done right, boarding schools are an excellent place for a child to be, and they really will be the best times of their life.

Still undecided?

If boarding school is something you have been considering but you have more questions, talk to Bromsgrove International School today. We have been providing a world-class education to our students in Thailand for over twenty years. Our highly qualified staff will gladly talk you through every finite detail of our boarding school and its great benefits. School life at Bromsgrove International is one of the best that can be provided. We are constantly updating our facilities and curriculum to promote excellence in every one of our students.