U15 TISAC Football Tournament

March 11, 2019

The U15 tournament was a challenging one and the team pulled together to perform admirably this weekend! The first game was particularly tough as our team worked hard on their communication which improved in every game. During the tournament, Mai Mai saved a number of amazing goals, our defence, led by Teya, was strong, our midfield players and strikers were always running and challenging their opponents and Ice Cream and Sang Sang scored some fantastic goals. All players were not afraid of the opponents, no matter how good they were. In the end, the tournament was very close as we lost on penalties in the final and came second! I have been a student coach of the U15 this year and it has been a privilege to play this role with Nick Stanig and with the support of the teachers. Well done to U15 Girls’ team on their wonderful result!

Eunseol Seo – Student Football Coach.