Welcome back

January 12, 2016

Welcome back to all our students, parents and teachers! It has been great to see everyone coming back to school with such enthusiasm, which created a fantastic atmosphere at Bromsgrove last week. On the Early Years, there was much excitement in the Year 1 corridor as one of the classroom doors had been replaced with a drawbridge! At the Windsor Park Campus on Wednesday, it was the Super Start dress up day introducing our new topic. This term it is the students’ choice and so we had an eclectic mix of costumes including: Egyptians (Year 2), Romans (Year 3), volcanoes (Year 4, evacuees (Year 5) and witches and wizards (Year 6). Although all the costumes were fantastic, my favourite was our Year 4 class, where children and teachers had found some very imaginative ways to dress themselves as volcanoes and earthquakes.