Book Week 2020 at Windsor Park Campus

March 24, 2020

On Tuesday 3 March, Primary were visited by the professional paper engineer, Athi Prem. The children of Year 4 and 5 took part in a workshop led by her during which we learnt how pop-up books are made and had a go at creating our own pop-up cards. We first designed monsters on card and thought carefully about the characteristics that we had given them and how we could portray these in our designs. We then created the background with the pop-up mechanism and attached our monsters. Finally, we wrote some information about our monsters in the card to tell others more about them.

On Wednesday, Year 1 joined us at Windsor Park for some Book Week activities. They arrived to an urgent email from Police Officer Perdu who asked for their help, along with Year 2 and Year 3, to find something that had gone missing in Min Buri. The children rushed over to the PAC to look for evidence about who or what this missing thing could be. Using their investigation skills, the children found lots of clues: melting snowflakes, claw-like footprints, upside down umbrellas, police hats and lots of tins of fish. The children showed such independence and were real risk takers!

Officer Perdu then set us some more tasks to help him in his investigation. Some children made models of the missing thing using play dough, some drew missing posters to put up and some wrote an email to Officer Perdu with the evidence they had found. After this, they discussed who could have left these clues behind and came to the conclusion it might have been a penguin because they live in very cold places and like to eat fish. The penguin must have travelled on his umbrella along a river to get to BIST. Finally, we had solved the mystery of the missing thing!

We finished by watching the film ‘Lost and Found’ based on the book by Oliver Jeffers where a little penguin gets lost. We loved the story so much and were so happy that the little penguin found a best friend.

On Thursday 5 March, Primary celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as their favourite fictional characters. We had fairytale princesses, magical Harry Potters and cartoon Dog Men! The children in Primary have been looking at ‘Curious Creatures’ this Book Week and have been reading about aliens, jungle animals and creatures that live under the sea. Book Week is an important part of our reading curriculum as it provides many opportunities to read for pleasure and dive deeper into a range of texts. We love reading!

As part of their Book Week activities, each Primary class got the chance to read with a Secondary English class. The children were paired up and the younger children shared the books they have been reading in class. The children loved reading to familiar, older faces and recapping the stories they have enjoyed. It was fantastic to see our older students supporting younger learners. We hope to see them in the library again soon.