Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp Daily Update – 10 July 2019

July 10, 2019
After an evening in the library on Tuesday evening, our boarders got ready to visit Mini Murrah Farm the next day.
Mini Murrah Farm houses several facilities for children and groups. After we first arrived, our Summer Camp students learned how to make pizzas that they had for their own lunch. Afterwards we learned how to make our own ice cream and our own organic hand made soap. As left our ice cream to cool in the freezer and our soap to harden, our students explored the farm, playing and feeding the various animals spread through out the farm. Mini Mirrah Farm is home to pigs, ducks, rabbits and miniature buffalo, all of which our students got to bond with. After eating our well deserved home made ice cream to cool off, our students began making their way back to school.

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