Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp Daily Update – 11 July 2019

July 12, 2019

Campers were back in classes today after a great day on the farm yesterday, and it was wonderful to hear how much they all enjoyed their experiences with the animals and workshop activities. Campers shared their favorite memories and many were very bubbly and talkative!
In lessons, Mr Ben taught campers how to discuss the weather. Each got a chance to forecast the weather from their home country in front of the group like real weather forecasters. In arts and crafts, Ms Myrille and Ms Mind began a two-day Papier-mâché pizza slice project with campers, and tomorrow everyone will add their favorite toppings to their delicious (looking) pizza slices. Mr Devitt took campers out of the classroom and got them moving about a bit, as they went on a “Comparatives and Superlatives Scavenger Hunt” to find out who was good, better, and best. In Mr J’s classroom, campers took their turn reaching inside the “Mystery Box” and describing the sizes, textures, shapes, and materials of the items inside.
Our group activity today was the “Spaghetti Tower Challenge.” Campers were divided into small groups and tasked with building the tallest tower they could using only dry spaghetti, a bag of marshmallows and a single half-meter-long piece of masking tape. There were some impressive feats of architecture along with some crumbling and collapsing structures, but all campers had a lot of fun, and it truly was lovely to see how well they are learning to bond and work together. After classes ended, campers left campus in vans on their way to the beautiful golf facilities adjacent to our school. Some were very eager to show off their golf swing, and others are picking up the club for the first time, but all are in for yet another fantastic camp memory!

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