Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp Daily Update – 12 July 2019

July 12, 2019

After our golf activity yesterday evening, campers and staff had the unique opportunity to celebrate Jesper’s 9th birthday with song and cake! We do not have the chance to celebrate campers’ birthdays every year, so this was a great chance for Jesper to enjoy his special moment with his new friends at camp. What a treat!

Today’s lessons were fantastic, and campers’ speaking skills and confidence are greatly improving every day! Mr Ben taught campers vocabulary and phrases necessary to survive in an English-speaking school. Now, they have all practiced asking common questions, and they know just what to say when speaking politely with teachers and classmates. In Mr Devitt’s class, campers learned about the world of sports, and they competed in connecting ideas and spelling words related to sports. This was a very active lesson, and our older campers even got to launch balloon-powered straws down a kind of zip line in order to spell out the correct sports word or phrase. It might sound like a lot of fun, but campers are learning much more than they realize. In Mr J’s class, campers learned about water transportation, and they became familiar with common and not-so-common modes of getting around in and on the world’s waterways.

In our Arts and Crafts session today, once again, Ms Myrille and Ms Mind have outdone themselves in coming up with interesting and engaging projects for campers. As the papier-mâché pizza slices are still not quite dry and ready for the next step, campers began working on a reflection project. This art lesson was all about drawing the mirror-like reflections you might see in the eyes and sunglasses of others. Younger campers drew and colored things that are special to them as the reflections in a pair of sunglasses, while older campers drew their thoughtful ideas as you might see them reflected in a person’s eye.

Reflection is a big part of learning at Bromsgrove, and in addition to our art project, today, campers were all asked to write about their favorite activities at camp so far in the form of a letter home. This only seemed fitting after a week of camp and countless activities and experiences. Most of them said their new friends are the best part of camp, while they also have loved the trips and activities. Many wrote about the things they are still looking forward to at camp, and tomorrow’s water park trip was frequently mentioned. While campers seem to be having the time of their lives, a few of them did mention how much they love and miss their moms and dads. It has been an exceptional first week here at Bromsgrove, and we are all looking forward to next week and the second half of camp!

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