Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp Daily Update – 15 July 2019

July 15, 2019

Today, Mr Ben taught the campers how to describe and talk about one another through a series of games and activities. Each boy and girl learned new ways to use verbs and nouns to specify who or what they were talking about. In arts and crafts campers painted their papier-mâché pizza slices and added their favorite toppings. They look nearly good enough to eat, but we do not recommend it. In Mr Devitt’s class, campers took part in role-play exercises and pretended they were in a restaurant, and they all practiced ordering menu items and speaking to the restaurant staff. After learning and practicing the basics, campers practiced notifying waiters and waitresses about problems they had with the food they ordered. In Mr J’s class, campers got the chance to express themselves through story telling. Each boy and girl made a storyboard and drew and wrote about their favorite day and activities at camp.

During group time, campers were divided into new teams, and they had to work together to compete in an M&M sorting race and a whacky dress-up relay race. Things got a little crazy, but it was a lot of fun for all. After lessons concluded, everyone was split into two groups, and it was time for more Thai cultural activities. At one of our afternoon stations, campers will get to learn about the cultural significance of Thai garland. After learning how garland is made and getting the chance to make it themselves, they will move to our second station which is a Thai traditional puppet show. These activities of course are fun, but they are also culturally enriching, and they are sure to be wonderful memories of our campers’ time in Thailand.

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