Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp Daily Update – 16 July 2019

July 16, 2019

Today was another active and fun-filled day of lessons and activities at Bromsgrove. In Mr Ben’s class, campers explored the world of “The 5 Senses,” as they rotated through a series of stimulating stations in which they used their isolated senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and hearing to guess the answers to various questions. At one station, they answered “What do you smell?” and at another, “What do you taste?” Everyone had fun playing and learning more about the ways we gather information within our environment. Ms Myrille and Ms Mind taught campers all about the art and craft of stained glass, and each camper learned about how sunlight affects various materials as it passes through them. Each boy and girl then got to make their own stained glass artwork, and they are now beautifully decorating the window of the arts and crafts classroom. Soon, all of these artworks will be brought home, so be sure to ask your campers which was their favorite! In Mr Devitt’s class, campers learned how to ask for, give, and follow directions. One camper wore a blindfold, and another had to lead them through a series of directions until they reached their target destination. Following directions is not always easy, so this was an excellent lesson which reinforced the importance of teamwork, giving good directions, and listening carefully before acting. In Mr J’s class, campers increased their vocabulary of articles of clothing and learned how ask questions regarding clothing. Each class played speaking and word games, and a few campers even walked the runway to show off their sense of fashion.

During group time, campers worked together as they raced to complete the “Ping Pong Ball Plastic Cup Challenge.” Each team raced to bounce ping pong balls off a table and into plastic cups and get to 5 the fastest. It sounds easy enough, but it proved quite challenging, as the stack of cups grew with each added ping pong ball. After lessons, campers got the chance to blow off a little steam and get some exercise during sports time. Today’s sport was chair ball which is a similar sport to basketball, but instead of basketball hoop on a pole, one player stands on a chair and holds the basket high in the air. This was a great activity and an exciting way to end a great day! 

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