Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp Daily Update – 6 July 2019

July 6, 2019

Yesterday our boarders were lucky enough to have Song share her 9th birthday with us! We celebrated with a song for Song and some cake after dinner. Afterwards we challenged our boarders with a team building exercise that practiced their problem solving and team working skills.

Today our boarders went on their very first weekend trip to Bounce, a trampoline park in the centre of Bangkok. Our boarders were able to play, jump around, try acrobatics as well try parkour at Bounce’s “free running” section. After a well earned lunch, we headed through a rainy Bangkok, back to Bromsgrove. Later our boarders will get to take full advantage of our grass football pitch and outdoor basketball court. Bromsgrove is very lucky to have as much green space as it does, so we encourage our boarders to go outside and enjoy the clean air as much as possible.

Later in the evening, the boarders will have dinner and start preparing for tomorrow’s big trip to Safari World, an open air zoo and safari park!

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