Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp Daily Update – 7 July 2019

July 8, 2019
Today our boarders journeyed down to Safari World Bangkok. Less than an hour away from school, we arrived early in the morning and drove through the safari park. Here we saw a variety of animals, including rhinos, lions, hippos and lions! After an hour’s drive through the safari park, we entered the rest of the zoo on foot.


Once inside, our boarders got to watch a dolphin show and afterwards we split up into groups to explore this 2.64 km squared open air zoo. The zoo contains a several large aviaries where our boarders fed and interacted with a multitude of birds. Throughout the zoo there are various activitie stations and places to have snacks and food.


As well as regular land mammal exhibits, the zoo also contains a number of marine facilities. At one such facility our boarders got to whole heartedly enjoy a sea lion show.


After over six hours of activities, we finally left Safari World to have dinner at the nearby Mae Sri Ruen Sukapiban restaurant. Before heading back to Bromsgrove for a well earned rest. Tonight our boarders will prepare for a day learning tomorow, before getting their much needed rest.


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