Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp Daily Update – 8 July 2019

July 8, 2019
Today was our first full day of English lessons, and campers were eager to show what they were capable of. In preparation for our farm trip this Wednesday, Mr Ben focused on the theme of “farm animals” which culminated with campers preparing and performing a puppet show. In Mr Devitt’s class, the boys and girls learned new ways to describe things as they improved their knowlege of adjectives. Ms Myrille and Ms Mind guided our campers through an art project all about facial symmetry which was enjoyed by all. They are all quite artistic! Mr J introduced campers to many of Bangkok’s beautiful and historical landmarks, and we played a new game called “Traffic Lights” in which campers showed how well they could follow traffic directions in English.
After a full day of English lessons, art, and fun group activities, our campers enjoyed a Thai cooking experience. Campers learned to prepare and cook two delicious staples of any Thai menu: Kanom Krok and spring rolls! All had fun learning about Thai food and culture as they quickly devoured their after school snacks.

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