Bromsgrove Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp 2018: Daily Update 17/07/18

July 17, 2018

On the 17th July 2018

One of the fun activities that the students got their hands on was ‘Pendulum painting’. The objective of this activity was to create an artistic design from the movement of a swinging bottle (pendulum) filled with paint along with their creativity. During the sport session, students were divided into different groups participating in two different games: Capture the Flag and Dodgeball. While playing the games, children did not only have fun with their group members, but they also significantly developed their cooperative skills while working as a team. After dinner, students played a quiz game called Kahoot which focused on the World knowledge. The kids seemed very excited because this popular game was new for many of them. Before bedtime, students enjoyed their free time supervised by our boarding staff. The kids got to participate in table tennis, pool, and a variety of other games and boarding house activities.