Bromsgrove Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp 2018: Daily Update 25/07/2018

July 25, 2018

Today our summer camp ventured to sunny Pattaya! We arrived at Royal Varuna Yacht Club in the late morning and after a brief safety briefing, we changed into our best swim wear.

As well as sailing, the yacht club was kind enough to put on a masterclass of activities for us. Our students enjoyed taking the club’s junior sail boats out on to the water. Our student also had full access to the club’s spacious pool, their volleyball area and the club’s private beach.

As well as the sporting activities, our students were able to take advantage of the club’s location by participating in a seashell painting workshop and a giant game of Twister on the beach.

We hope that today’s trip has given our students some valuable relaxation time. Furthermore we hope that they come to appreciate the natural beauty that is so easily available within Thailand.