Bromsgrove Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp 2018: Daily Update 27/07/18

July 28, 2018
Today was an exciting day for our summer camp students, full of individual and group challenges! Together, our student teams built various mechanisms and contraptions to protect their raw egg in a classic “egg-drop challenge”. It was lovely to see the different creative ideas employed by our students as well as hear them practice vocabulary that they have learned through the camp whilst building their contraptions. In the end, some eggs survived the drop while others made quite a mess, but it was a fun event for all.

After our egg-drop, the students enjoyed a group English quiz in our lovely theater which focused on the various things that they have learned so far and the experiences they have had during our summer camp. There was much laughter and cheering, as the students revisited the memories they have made over the past two weeks.

Later in the afternoon, we teamed up together to take each other on in a relay race that involved the teams working together to overcome challenges.

In today’s daily update we have also attached some of the photos from Thursday’s Trashion show. We are very proud of how much our summer camp students were able to achieve in such a short time and with very few resources. It was great to see just how creative they could all be!