WP Update

March 21, 2017

Our first half term passed very swiftly and I find it hard to believe that we have already begun the second half of term 2! Our students in Years 11, 12 and 13 have taken their mock exams and received their results and feedback, and are now focusing on the important lessons that they have learnt as they prepare for their final exams in May and June. Away from the classroom, there was Sports Day, a joint event with Primary, which was a fantastic display of enthusiasm and participation from all of our students as they competed for the House Shield. We also had a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration at WP with the whole school taking part in a student-led, interactive assembly. The half term drew to a close with the Bromsgrove’s Got Talent final and a TISAC Choral Day, both of which you will see on the website. This week, we are hosting the FOBISIA Drama Festival and are looking forward to welcoming 200 students from schools across Asia to Bromsgrove for the Same Same but Different themed event!