Bromsgrove Year 2 Ancient Egyptian Open Morning

May 23, 2018

Year 2 Ancient Egyptian Open Morning – Tuesday 22nd May 2018

On Tuesday, the Year 2 ‘Ancient Egyptian Open Morning’ took place. It was amazing to see so many parents there to support the event and an exciting and fun time was had by all!

Both parents and their children were split into three groups (Taylor, Edwards and Walters) and rotated around the following activities:

  • Egyptian Make-up / Face painting
  • Making a ‘cartouche’
  • Ancient Egyptian Dancing

In the first rotation, the children were challenged to use face paints to make-up their parents, giving them an Ancient Egyptian style look. Likewise, parents did the same for their children. In the second rotation, the children made a cartouche out of salt dough to form a tablet, and used hieroglyphics to inscribe their names. In the third rotation, the children taught their parents the dance moves for three Ancient Egyptian popular songs. At the end, the parents danced themselves and challenged each other to a ‘dance-off’!

Finally, the children had the opportunity to use toilet paper to ‘wrap their mummies like a mummy’! There was so much fun and laughter and in the end, it was really difficult to recognise anybody and choose a winner!

Everyone agreed that it was a wonderful experience for both students and parents to come together and share in the learning. A big ‘THANK YOU!’ to all parents who attended and supported the event!

Kindest Regards,

The Year 2 Team