Year 6 Eagles Term 2.1 Summary

February 12, 2020

Year 6 Eagles are having a fantastic term. It started with the residential to iCamp, Kanchanaburi where our focus was Sink, Swim, Survive. Pupils gained knowledge about river systems, survival skills, conservation and the environment. We were so pleased all pupils attended as it was key to the topics we have been studying.
The children have since written and performed brilliant Slam poems with a tough message about ‘Globals Goals’ for a sustainable future and studied the water cycle and river systems in topic and science. Finally in English, we are completing our persuasive letters, which again have a strong message about the causes and effects of climate change.

The children researched these topics with talk partners using a variety of resources including iPads. This was very successful and they accumulated much relevant information. The power of using talk partners in learning is not to be underestimated. The students are more confident and at ease with their peers; they also have less fear of being wrong and more willing to take risks. These factors have contributed to a positive learning environment and some very credible learning outcomes from the students.