Year 3 Learning Extreme Earth

January 30, 2019
Year 3 Parrots have been busy learning all about our Extreme Earth. We started our topic with a bang, quite literally, as there had been a natural disaster in our classroom.

The children completed an investigation and reasoned that it couldn’t have been a tsunami as there was no water in our classrooms. They also knew it wasn’t a volcanic eruption as there are no volcanoes near us. They agreed that it had probably been an earthquake because there were things scattered across the floor as if there had been tremors.

This week, we have been baking earthquake survival snacks in case another earthquake strikes! The children worked in teams to carefully measure the ingredients needed to make their snacks and give each other verbal instructions. The children agreed that the snacks needed to give us a lot of energy as we could be trapped under some rubble.

We will use these experiences to write instructions about how to bake an earthquake survival snack and also about how to survive in an earthquake.

If you need any advice about what to do in a natural disaster – ask Year 3!