Year 5 Residential Trip Wrap Up

January 24, 2019

On 15th of January, Magpies and Pelicans embarked on the short trip down to Sattahip to investigate and explore the natural environment and the negative effects of pollution and human impact on the area. After eating a delicious BBQ lunch, the children set to work in teams to build a raft out of materials found on the beach. Whilst some of our vessels were more successful than others, I was delighted by the teamwork and creative ideas to reuse the materials we had gathered, all of which was recycled afterwards.

Our second day was spent primarily on the beautiful island of Ko Samae San. After a relaxing walk along the beach, the children conducted a litter survey, collecting washed up trash from the beach and marking down the types of waste. It was lovely to see the children (literally) getting their hands dirty (although we all wore gloves) and making a huge effort to improve the condition of the beach. However, the real highlight of the day came after lunch when we splashed in the water and explored the underwater marine life on a snorkeling trip. This was a first for many of the children and they all commented how fantastic the experience was.
However, even more amazing sea-life was just around the corner. On our final day we planted our own trees in the mangroves, visited a turtle sanctuary and saw the beautiful Buddha atop Khao Chi Chan, all of which were brilliant experiences, but, once again, the most exciting experience came last! Our final night was spent in an aquarium!! Once all other guests had left, we were given a guided tour of the entire aquarium, including the feeding and breeding areas! When it was time to sleep we curled up in our sleeping bags and drifted off with rays, sharks and eels swimming above us, what an incredible experience!
Our final morning began with birthday cake before we attended a muay thai session and a swim in a huge Sports Centre pool. We met world champion fighter, Stamp Fairtex, who signed autographs for many of the children before eating a quick lunch and getting back on our buses to school.
All students had a fantastic time on the trip, their behaviour was impeccable and it was a pleasure to share the experience with them! However, even though we had such a great time, everyone was happy to get back home to see their parents!