The Junior UKMT 2019 Results

May 24, 2019

The Junior UKMT 2019 results are in!

We achieved 7 Gold awards, 7 Silver awards and 10 Bronze awards which represents a significant improvement on last year!

Please remember that the competition is primarily aimed at students studying Mathematics in KS3 but KS2 can also be invited to take part. Therefore, a very special mention must go to Jack Armstrong and Syrus in Year 6 who both achieved a Bronze award.

The winners are as follows:

Year 8:
Gold, Best in Year and Best in School: Muk.
Gold – I-Tim.
Silver – Minjoon, Harry, Joanna, Yujin and Kon .
Bronze – Sunsun, Tin, Gunn Gunn and Sam.

Year 7:
Gold and Best in Year -Toya
Gold – Victoria, Andy, Minseo and Ichi
Silver -Philips and Wha-Wha.
Bronze – Justin, Philip Lee, Bei Bei and Name.

Year 6:
Bronze – Jack Armstrong and Syrus.

Well done to the winners and thank you to all the students who were brave enough to take part in this exciting, yet challenging, gifted and talented opportunity : )

If you would like your individual score, please speak to your teacher!

Winners’ certificates and badges can be collected from Mr. England or your Maths teacher before the end of term 3.