MakerSpace at Bromsgrove

September 26, 2016

At Bromsgrove, we are always looking to the future and considering how we can take a more innovative approach to teaching and learning. As a result of this we would like to announce the launch of our brand new Makerspace, located above the newly refurbished library. Our Makerspace is an area where students can learn new skills, such as: programming and coding, robotics, music composition, film editing, arts, crafts and 3D printing. The students choose their own projects, based on their personal interests, and are then supported by their expert teachers. This brilliant new facility is being used during our ECA time; allowing our students to take their learning into their own hands and define their own projects.

With the very latest in specialised equipment to assist them, this truly is a fantastic, student centered, learning experience. One example of this innovative technology is LittleBits, an easy to use and accessible introduction into electronic design technology and engineering. We have several kits here at Bromsgrove in the MakerSpace, which students are already using to gain new skills.  Through these kits, the students can develop an understanding of how complex mechanisms and devices actually work. If you would like to see the LittleBits in action, please click on the following links to view a video: Invent Anything and Gizmos and Gadgets

We also have a 3D printer in our Makerspace, which students can use to design practically any 3D model they can imagine. Printers such as this are the future of IT, Computing and real life prototyping; by introducing students to this kind of technology, we are preparing them for the future of 3D modelling and prototyping.

If you would like to know more about our MakerSpace, then please contact Mr Marker at or Miss Loughran at

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