Primary FOBISIA games – A huge success for BIST

June 5, 2015

Last week the BIST primary FOBISIA squad took part in their first ever FOBISIA games. The event was held in Bangkok and hosted by the Regents International school. Schools from all over SE Asia took part in this prestigious event including schools from Vietnam, China, Malaysia and Nepal as well as Thailand. The students competed in Swimming, Athletics, Tee Ball and Football over 4 days. It was a fantastic few days of sport for our students who, just like the U 13 and U 15 BIST teams before them, did tremendously well. We won Gold medal in the Yr 5 football, Bronze medal in the yr 6 boys and girls football, claimed silver in the yr 5 and 6 boys girls tee ball, and claimed numerous individual medals in Athletics and swimming. A great achievement by the whole team. So a big congratulations to them all. Also a huge thank you must go to our wonderful primary parents who showed superb support for our team every single day of the games. The enthusiasm and positivity the parents showed for all the team was wonderful to see and experience and we thank them all for this. So, a really tremendous and hugely successful event for BIST. Well done to all involved.

Mr Beanland- Director of Sport

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