Remembrance Day 2015

November 17, 2015

Our week started with an assembly to commemorate Remembrance Day. Our students conducted themselves with aplomb on this solemn occasion and I was very proud to see all Secondary students learning about why we remember this day with the gravitas that it warrants. On Friday, all of Secondary took part in a new House competition for this year: the Paper Aeroplane challenge. Each student designed and produced their best effort at an aerodynamic plane that they hoped would fly the furthest and win for their house. There were some very interesting designs on show; proving that we have exceptionally creative students! Walters House were winners of the event and proud recipients of a number of house points. At lunchtime, the students got to see their teachers’ competitive side in the Staff House Dodgeball competition and I think that all were impressed by the passion displayed, along with a large helping of humour. This time, it was Taylor House that won, so I am looking forward to seeing how these events have shaped the overall house points standings.