Secondary Arts Projects

November 19, 2019

Since the beginning of this academic year. Our students have done so many arts projects so far. These are some of many arts project created by our talented Secondary students.

Year 8 class working on their Mondrian projects, titled ‘My Mondrian’. The photos show work in progress by Lee, Yarra, Taeyoon, Pitta, Pang, Tien-Hom, Namphon, Victoria and Name. 

They have been studying the life and work of Dutch artist Piet Mondrian and have been building their own compositions incorporating a portrait of the artist, information about him and his work, references to his earlier and later works, their own compositions, references to the ‘De Stijl’ art movement and various other elements.

These Mondrian projects by Year 8 will soon be complete and will be on display in the Hadley Hub for viewing.

‘Ten Kings of Thailand’ by Namphon










Namphon, Year 8, has worked on this project outside of school for many weeks. It is titled ‘Ten Kings of Thailand’ and was created using coloured pencil on paper. This incredible piece of artwork was also entered in an art competition.


Amazing ELO’s by Yok, I-Tim, Weili, Mineara in Y9

Year 10 IGCSE work on the theme of ‘Still Life’ by SangSang, Hamin, Hannah, JJ, and Ling.

Pim, Year 12, has created these wonderful pieces by painting, sewing and collaging on tea bags.  Her coursework title is ‘Contained’ and she is looking at the idea of everyday life, memories and conversations over cups of tea.