Secondary Show – Blood Brothers

March 31, 2016



Jade (Mrs Johnstone): “Being a part of Blood Brothers will be a memory and experience I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I got to work with both familiar and new faces and everyone helped each other out when it came to learning lines, pronunciation, building the set and keeping one another motivated. The fact that the performance is over is very emotional as it is the last school production I’ll ever get to perform in now that I’m graduating, but, as they always say, you’ve got to save the best ‘til last. So proud of everyone involved!”


Iga (Narrator): “It was truly inspiring to see every cast member being so committed to the show, even with all their school work and exams coming up. Also the teachers’ input in the play was amazing and helped motivate all of us to work hard, which was clearly shown in the final performance.”

IMG_6555Thames (Chorus): “Originally, I signed up for Blood Brothers just to help build the sets, as I’ve never acted before. After getting my roles, I decided to continue doing the show. The more months that passed, the more enjoyable rehearsals became. Working with new people, doing new things I’ve never done before, I can truly say that joining Blood Brothers was one of my most valuable experiences at school.”

Screen Shot 2559-03-31 at 13.16.23Daisy (Linda): “Overall the experience was exciting and exhilarating. The performance was nerve racking but at the same time, it was really fun being on stage with everyone.”

Screen Shot 2559-03-31 at 13.26.53

Pump (Milkman/Policeman): Learning lines is like making a new friend. At first, they may seem like a stranger but the more you learn them, the better relationship you can form with them.”

IMG_8103Thomas (Edward): “It was a phenomenal experience, being in a full-scale production of such an exciting musical. It was fascinating to explore the development of all the characters as they grew throughout the play.”

IMG_8155Shawn (Mickey): “It was something new. Something I would do again.”

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