Student Leadership 2019/2020 Announcement

May 14, 2019
Earlier in Term 3 our Year 12 students applied for the prestigious roles of Head Boy and Head Girl for 2019/2020. We received some incredible applications that reflected the determined and committed nature of our senior students at Bromgrove.  The final applicants were interviewed by Dr Moore, Mrs Owens and Mr Williams who were blown away with by the individuals who presented themselves with maturity. In addition each candidate gave a two minute presentation to the secondary school in which they articulated their qualities and skills. This was followed by a secret ballot for secondary staff and students.
This rigorous and challenging process left us in no doubt that we have a fantastic team of young people ready to serve the secondary community.
We are proud to announce the following appointments:
Head Boy – Rapee Limweshasin
Deputy Head Boy – Nicholas Stanig
Head Girl – Gaia Franceshini
Deputy Head Girl – Cathy -Yujia Zhou
The decision making process was truly difficult, and as a result all of the outstanding applicants were given roles as Senior Prefects. This group will form the Student Leadership Team, and collectively they will be responsible for a number of projects and events across the academic year.
Student Leadership Team
Rapee Limweshasin
Nicholas Stanig
Gaia Franceshini
Cathy-Yujia Zhou
Nelly Zachova
Wonwoo Lee
Kai Tarrant
Minjae Lee
Tawfiq Morshed
Ben Park
Jeana Lee