Bromsgrove: best in Thailand and 5th best in the world

June 29, 2015

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Bromsgrove International School Thailand students are no strangers to the World Scholar’s Cup, the world’s most prestigious academic competition. However, this year, at the global finals in Kuala Lumpur, we excelled ourselves.

Amid over 1500 participants in the Junior division, four Bromsgrove students – Andrew Couper, Joon Ho Byun, Daisy Savage and Kai Tarrant – won a silver medal for debating, finishing in the top 3% in the whole division. Bromsgrove’s Team 432 – Andrew, Daisy and Joon Ho – were crowned the top Junior team in Thailand, the 3rd best Junior team across South East Asia, and the 5th best Junior team in the world; meanwhile, Joon Ho was the top Junior scholar in Thailand, and 35th in the world.

In the Senior division, Sydney Tarrant won a silver medal for debating, placing 55th out of around 1400 senior students, and Tan Kongpithaksilp and Lasanya Withayachon both won a ‘Da Vinci’ Silver Award for consistent, all-round performance. However, Thomas Savage stole the show, with a gold medal in debating (16th in the world), and silver medals (top 3% in the world) across the ‘Scholar’s Challenge’ exam and, specifically, in Social Studies, History and Science. The top senior scholar in Thailand, Thomas was also the 9th best across SE Asia, and 20th in the world.

For the second year running, two Bromsgrove teams have achieved automatic pre-qualification for the Tournament of Champions at Yale University: Ananya Sengupta, Jeana Lee and Kai Tarrant; and Andrew Couper, Daisy Savage and Joon Ho Byun. And, to cap it all, team coaches, Marie Beanland and Matthew Savage, jointly won the global Coach of the Year award.

Bromsgrove International School Thailand has, yet again, proven itself to be a an academic force to be reckoned with, and Bromsgrove students have distinguished themselves as amongst the very best not only in Thailand and South East Asia, but across the whole world. Next stop, Yale University!