The Tiger That Came to Tea

September 28, 2015

There was much excitement in Year 1 this week as the teachers and children organised a tea party to build language and first hand experiences of their book ‘The Tiger That Came to Tea’. Just like in the book, there was a surprise visitor: it wasn’t a tiger, but the Bromsgrove bear! Luckily he was a better guest than the tiger in the story and shared his food with the children rather than eating it all himself. Another literary character visited the WP campus this week. Drifting gently above the atrium was Mrs Twit: released by our Year 2s as part of their Science topic, she flew with the aid of 15 helium balloons. Mrs Twit chose a great week for her first flight, and, from her vantage point, she had would have been able to see the first ever Primary Student Executive being elected. I would like to congratulate all of the children that applied for the roles: they represented themselves fantastically, and even those who were not successful showed themselves to be reflective young leaders keen to ensure that every student’s time at BIST is as happy and productive as possible. We will be implementing many of the ideas that we heard at interview in the near future. It was an incredibly hard decision to make but I would like to congratulate Jamie and Sakura (Head Boy and Head Girl), Min Heo and Jazzy (Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl), Harry (Chair of the Wellbeing Committee) and Weili (Chair of the Learning Committee). I look forward to working with the Primary Student Executive to ensure that student voice is the cornerstone of the outstanding education we offer at BIST.