Intensive English and Adventure Summer Camp Daily Update – 18 July 2019

July 18, 2019

Today was a great final day of lessons, and campers were in excellent spirits! Mr Ben helped campers practice talking about traveling. They practiced asking and answering questions about their home countries, so they will be better prepared the next time they meet friends from other countries. In arts and crafts, Ms Myrille and Ms Mind taught campers how to follow a recipe, and they all made Cheese Twists. These are a delicious and cheesy breadstick, and everyone enjoyed them (even the teachers). Mr Devitt helped campers focus on the future. Campers practiced talking about future plans with key phrases such as “What will you do after camp is finished?” and “I will go to the beach with my family.” Be sure to ask your campers about their future plans the next time you speak with them. Things took a dramatic turn in Mr J’s class, as campers went to the theater for their final class, and the lesson took place on our beautiful stage. Campers played drama games which helped them understand how to build suspense in a performance, and then they created a haunted house using only their bodies, as they learned about physical theater. Mr Joe put on some scary music and lighting, and everyone had a spooky-good time on stage.

Our final group activity was the 2nd Annual Egg Drop Competition, and things got very messy. Campers had 10 minutes to work together to build a protective device so their eggs would not crack and splatter when dropped from the second floor. This was especially challenging, as campers were limited to using only paper and tape to protect their eggs. There were many broken eggs on the floor, but some managed to protect their eggs as all cheered for their color groups. This afternoon, campers are on the golf course again and are surely having a good time. Many campers have been talking about how golf is one of their favorite activities from camp, but there really have been so many activities to choose from.

Tonight activity is the “Trashion Show”, a longstanding Bromsgrove tradition. Campers have been preparing for the show and are exciting about it. At Bromsgrove, we teach our students the value of sustainable living, recycling and not using materials when they are not necessary. The Trashion Show is a combination of arts & crafts, engineering, drama, and multimedia. The students decide on the theme of their show. This could be something whimsical (such as “Disney characters”, “videogames”, etc.) or serious messages that are important to the students (such as “reducing plastic pollution”, “animal welfare”, reducing deforestation”, etc.). The students then use only the trash – after it has been cleaned – that has accumulated from their studies such as paper, plastic, and cardboard, to create clothes and costumes. These clothes and costumes are accompanied by a multimedia presentation of the students’ design, who then go perform a short dramatical piece on our theatre stage. Through this activity, we hope to instil in our students a respect for resources and sustainable living.
Tomorrow is the last day of camp. After the Trashion Show, campers will spend the night packing and getting ready for tomorrow’s final activities and goodbyes. Hopefully they will also get some rest, as tomorrow is going to be a very big day.

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